Inviting feedback for the online bookmarking service

If you have been using our free online bookmarking service, you might have noticed the new option Feedback in the top menu. This is where you can let us know what features of our service you like and/or dislike.

If you want us to include a new feature, you can tell us through this option only. Feel free to be frank, I get to see all responses directly and we will be happy to include any popular ideas.

I want to take this opportunity to request you to invite your friends to use EasyBM to bookmark their favorite sites. This way they can also 1-click for quicker Internet travel.


Open Multiple Bookmarked Sites In 1-click

easybm-daily.jpgNew feature alert: Now you can open all the sites bookmarked within one group by clicking on the group name. Thus, you can add a new group called Daily and add the few sites that you need to access everyday morning.

Once you click on the Daily group name, all the sites under this group will open in new windows. If you want to open these in new tabs instead of new windows and you have a browser that supports tabs, you can configure your browser to open new windows in new tabs. This way you can maintain some order.

Note: If your group has more than 10 bookmarked sites, you will get a warning about this. You can go ahead or abort at this time.

Features General

EasyBM has a new logo and look

After lying low for a long time, we have a new logo and home page look. The users’ personal bookmarks pages have been updated too. I would really appreciate if you can take a minute to tell us how you liked it (or disliked it) and what new things you will like to see?

We want to help you bookmark your favorite links easily and quickly and 1-click to these sites when you want.