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On popular demand, we have now released a Firefox plugin (xpi file, download here, 12 KB) that helps you add bookmarks to your favorite sites very easily. If you are browsng with Firefox, you can just download this file and then drag and drop over Firefox to start the install process. You can also right click on the saved file and open with Firefox. Please save your work in the other windows before doing so, because it requires a restart of the browser.

Once the easyBM extension is installed, you can add the page you are presently viewing to your easyBM bookmarks by simply right-clicking anywhere on the page and selecting Add link to EasyBM. You can provide a title and description, and indicate the group to which you want to add this link. You can also click on the small graphic in the right side of your status bar (the graphic looks like the easyBM icon) to directly bring up the Add to bookmarks dialog box.

I sincerely hope this will help you use the easyBM system much more easily and make it as quick to add the favorite links as it is to visit them.

Please feel free to leave your comments, feedback and bug report by adding a comment below or use the Feedback option in your EasyBM menu.

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Recently I was approached by an EasyBM user who wanted his bookmarks in a RSS feed form. I was surprised at this request because easyBM bookmarks are private bookmarks and I was not clear as to why should he need them in the form of a RSS feed.  Of course, I have some ideas for using these feeds but are these the same that you have in mind?

Do you need this RSS feed too? Can you think of a way to use this feed? Do remember that the feed will be password protected (accessed by providing the username and password as part of the feed URL). You can either give your request through the feedback option or by putting a comment on this post.


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