How to Open Bookmarked Sites in a New Window


Are you wondering how to open your favorite sites in a new window (or tab)? We have extensive facilities for this feature in the easyBM page. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

1. You can right-click on any link on your bookmarks page and choose “Open in a new window” or “Open in a new tab”.

2. While adding the bookmark (or while editing the bookmark), you can specify that the bookmarked site has to be opened in a new window. Now a simple click on the bookmark will open it in a new window.

3. On your Profile page, you can select one the 3 options – a. open all sites in same window, b. open all the sites in a new window, c. use the saved setting. If you set the 2nd option here, all your sites will open in a new window always.

As you can see, you enjoy a vast variety of ways in which you can access your bookmarked sites with easyBM, your favorite online bookmarking manager.

Comments on How to Open Bookmarked Sites in a New Window

July 25, 2010

Aaron @ 8:04 pm #

Thanks for tip number 3. Has that function been around all the time? If so I didn’t notice it when I set up my page. I thought I had to go through the edit process for each link. Thanks again.

January 18, 2011

gary @ 2:16 am #

You don’t have any ads and it is free.

What is your business model???