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Want Your Bookmarks Page to be Public?

Clarification: A few users have sent us feedback wondering how could we make their bookmarks page public without their consent. Please note that we are not making all the bookmarks pages public. This public view facility is only available to those who explicitly request for this through the feedback option on their personal page.

On with the original announcement now: We have launched a limited beta test of the public view of your online bookmarks at EasyBM. While EasyBM offers you a place to store all your private bookmarks online so that you can refer to them from a password-protected page, there is a strong demand for creating resource pages where one can record links for a particular type of resource and make these available to everyone. We have complied…

Of course, we are expecting you to create a new bookmarks page and not make your private bookmarks public. So if you want to create a page listing all universities in USA, you can register a new bookmarks account and add categorized list of all the universities there. Now this page will be available at (p=public here) for anyone to view and use without requiring a password or any other validation. Feel free to share your link on Facebook, Twitter or emails.

You can manage your links – add, edit or remove – from your usual page at Right now, you have to request for changing the status of your page to public through Feedback option – soon you can do this yourself.

Please share your thoughts on this new development through the Feedback option or by commenting here. We will be adding several features to the public view page soon – so keep watching.

Thanks for your support – we have now crossed 75,000 registrations and more and more people are joining and benefiting by storing their bookmarks online and accessing them from anywhere.

5 replies on “Want Your Bookmarks Page to be Public?”

I notice that you have a new feature called “public view”. My page seems to indicate that 10 people have +1’d my bookmark page. I certainly hope this is not the case.

Your explanation of this new feature is confusing, but I have not given permission for my bookmarks to be made public and do not want them public.

If my bookmarks are now open for public viewing I would like to be made aware of that and how do I go about ensuring that they are made private?

The bookmarks page is only made public on specific request and your private bookmarks stay entirely private. Also that +1 relates to the entire easyBM site and not a specific page.

Hope this addresses your concern.