EasyBM Online Bookmarking Service Crosses 100,000 Users

We are very excited to share with you a milestone we recently reached. Your favorite online bookmarking service, easyBM now has more than 100,000 registered users who have bookmarked more than 1.7 million links. This speaks highly about the efforts you have put in spreading a word about this time-saver productivity tool and we are very thankful to you for this.

If you have not got a chance to recommend easyBM to your friends and subscribers recently, please do so now. They will be happy campers and thank you (as much as we do) for recommending a useful service.

One reply on “EasyBM Online Bookmarking Service Crosses 100,000 Users”

Just found out about this service and am giving it a try. I have so many bookmarks it takes up too much ram on my kinda old computer. Will let you know how it works for me…..

Question: how can you offer such a service with so so many users and all for free with no advertising??? Kinda makes me wonder…..

also…any way to transfer current bookmarks to this online service?

many thanks