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Check out new look bookmarks page

Hello EasyBM user

If you have been using to access your bookmarks page, we invite you to check out the all new design at You can also click on the highlighted link at the top-right to straight away land there.

There is a very powerful search feature that can locate your desired bookmark if you have several in your page. You also get convenient sorting options to sort your bookmarks with groups in ascending or descending order. You can drag and drop individual bookmarks as well as entire groups much more easily.

All in all, we are confident you will not switch back once you have experienced this new interface. We look forward to receiving your feedback on the new interface.

And, if you have not joined almost 110,000 users (at the time of writing this post) to make your online journey much easier and are not 1-clicking to your favorite online destinations, you can register for your own bookmarks page here.