I have seen a lot of registrations recently that look spammy. These have names like genericpills01 or seomaster47 and once registered, they (are they human?) do not add any sites to their bookmarks page, ever.

1. In view of this, we will add some extra checking to the registration page which might be like jumping through an extra hoop for the genuine users. I sincerely apologize for this but it is needed to make sure that we can continue to offer the services to real people like you.

2. We are also going to make it compulsory for people to add at least one favorite site to their bookmarks page, within 2 days. Why else did you register my friend, if you do not want to add 1-click browsing to your arsenal? All accounts without a single bookmark for 2 days will be deleted.

Note: Your account is safe and free for life if you are using it regularly and have at least 1 bookmark added to your account.



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If you have been using our free online bookmarking service, you might have noticed the new option Feedback in the top menu. This is where you can let us know what features of our service you like and/or dislike.

If you want us to include a new feature, you can tell us through this option only. Feel free to be frank, I get to see all responses directly and we will be happy to include any popular ideas.

I want to take this opportunity to request you to invite your friends to use EasyBM to bookmark their favorite sites. This way they can also 1-click for quicker Internet travel.

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easybm-daily.jpgNew feature alert: Now you can open all the sites bookmarked within one group by clicking on the group name. Thus, you can add a new group called Daily and add the few sites that you need to access everyday morning.

Once you click on the Daily group name, all the sites under this group will open in new windows. If you want to open these in new tabs instead of new windows and you have a browser that supports tabs, you can configure your browser to open new windows in new tabs. This way you can maintain some order.

Note: If your group has more than 10 bookmarked sites, you will get a warning about this. You can go ahead or abort at this time.

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After lying low for a long time, we have a new logo and home page look. The users’ personal bookmarks pages have been updated too. I would really appreciate if you can take a minute to tell us how you liked it (or disliked it) and what new things you will like to see?

We want to help you bookmark your favorite links easily and quickly and 1-click to these sites when you want.


I want to announce our most important update in the recent times. We have implemented the multi-column, multi-row stacked layout that will make this bookmarking tool extremely useful for the most demanding user.

For quite some time, I have been worrying about the wastage of space in the lower half of the screen when your groups have few sites each.

Multi-column layout without stacking

I have been silently testing a layout that will help reduce this space wastage. This multi-column, multi-row layout helps you to squeeze many more links above the fold, thereby making it easy for you to 1-click even more sites.

Multi-column layout without stacking

How to get your groups stacked for better organization

You have to be a little adventerous. While we are working on an easy interface for this, you will have to play a little with numbers for now.

– First you must login to your easyBM page with ‘Remember me’ ticked.

– Now enter this in the location bar (or address bar) ->www.easybm.com/stackform.php

– You will see a screen like the following ->

Stacking of bookmark groups

We want to have Forums group in the 2nd column at the top, so I put 2 in column and in row fields. Now I want Blogs group in the same column but after Forums. So I put 2 in column and 2 in row fields.
Similarly, you can see how we implement stacking in the 4th column. You may have noted that column 3 is missing. Actually the numbers have to be in ascensding order but all numbers do not need to be present.

There you are. If you are feeling adventerous and want to make the best use of the screen space, you can implement stacked groups and 1-click to many more sites.

The strength of EasyBM private bookmarks is its multi-column, multi-row layout that puts the maximum number of bookmarks in front of you – above the fold – ready to be 1-clicked.

However if you are using a PDA or a mobile to browse the Internet, you cannot see multi-column data easily. So we have introduced a new way to see your favorite links and browse to your target sites on your handhelds. If you visit
http://www.easyBM.com/mobile/?u=USERNAME&pwd=PASSWORD, you can see all your links in a single column. Just scroll down to your desired site link and click with the joystick or OK button.

For best results, keep the number of links in this account low and put only the links that you will like to browse with your handheld. Also, if you set the homepage of your mobile to this page, you will have all the links ready, right in front of you when you access the browser.


We already make it easy for you to locate the frequently visited links by grouping them together. Now we are pleased to offer you several new link highlighting options.

While the default color of the new bookmarks will be blue, you can make important links red or green or whatever tickles your fancy. You can also have the system make certain links bold or italicised by choosing the appropriate options while adding or editing the links.

We are committed to make your personal bookmarks as easy to use as can be.


You asked for an easy way to add the sites to your personal bookmarks page. Well, you got it!

If you are using Google toolbar, click on this link to add a button for easyBM to your toolbar. You will be prompted to download version 4 if you don’t already have it.

Then there will be a pop-up box telling you that your information will be sent to easyBM. Don’t worry – all your information is not going there. Only the URL (site address) of the page where you click the button will be sent to easyBM so that your site can be bookmarked.

Once installed, using the button is a breeze. Keep browsing the Internet sites and if you like some place that you want to record in your favorites, just click on the easyBM button on the toolbar. You will be prompted to add the site and then, returned to the page you were browsing.


How do you enter the address of the websites in your browser, for sites that you visit regularly? Do you type it in, or pick it up from Favorites/Bookmarks? Or may be you search for the relevant keywords in Google/Yahoo and then click on the result?

I used to face a big problem while browsing because most of the times, I had to visit inside pages with long URLs and these were quite difficult to remember. Like all of us, I started using the Favorites/Bookmarks but the straight line lists were very dificult to navigate. Then I had the problem of needing to access these bookmarks from other computers when I was travelling or at a client location.

All this prompted me to launch this private bookmarks service that will be fast and free – no ads, no spam. I get to put any number of sites on a single page, neatly arranged so that I can visit any of these sites with just 1-click! I have bookmarked news sites, my online bank account login pages, blogs and forums that I cannot live without and like.

You are welcome to register your own personal bookmarks page (takes about 40 seconds), add a few sites and experience the convenience for yourself. Once you have used it for a few hours, you will never go back to type the website addresses again. That’s a promise!