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User Testimonial for Online Bookmarking Service

We are pleased to share with you, a testimonial we received recently:

Perfect! Just what I was looking for to replace Lynx (another online BM site that is now defunct). I embed my easyBM page in a column in my iGoogle page and “Hoover!” I have all my links for work in no matter where I go. I’ve been looking for a couple of weeks for a simple bookmark manager and easyBM is it!

Bill Bennett

As you can see, EasyBM is easy, fast and well organised. Now, you can even sort your bookmarks in ascending or descending order with 1-click. We recommend you to use for several additional features over the regular version at

General Testimonials

Our Users Love EasyBM Online Bookmarking and We Love Our Users

Thanks Lynley for your testimonial and feedback:

This is just fabulous – just what I need. I use a different browser at work to that I use at home and my PDA does not transfer my bookmarks very well so now I can access everything by just having one favourite bookmark – Thanks guy’s – I am not interested in the likes of Delicious as I just want a practical solution to my problem not a place to advertise to the world. 🙂

General Testimonials

Unsolicited testimonial for bookmarking service

I got up today and got this unsolicited testimonial that made my day. Thanks Mahdi.

I appreciate your project and the outcome, I am so damn addicted to I keep recommending to almost everyone I come across.!!! Best regards, Mahdi Ali


Unsolicited User Comment

A few days ago, PHP version upgrade on the server made the EASYBM service go down for a few minutes. While I was grappling with the technical issues of getting the service back up, this unsolicited comment from Arie (an easyBM user) cheered me up and made my day:

My apologies for disturbing you with this request, but it seems that the service has become inoperable today. When I log in to the site – as I do every day, because as you may remember from our previous correspondence I am a very satisfied user of this fine service! – I get the following error message:
<technical mumbo jumbo…>

I hope there will be an easy solution for this problem, because living without EasyBM would be a great loss of productivity!

And Arie sent me this note a few days after the service was restored:

Just a quick note to thank you for bringing the EasyBM service back into full operation. This really is a fine product, and I felt thoroughly handicapped when we had the short service interruption earlier this week – which really shows to what extent I have integrated it into my daily activities…..

Thanks for the notes Arie and I will do my best to keep this service in full operation always 🙂