Spammy User Registrations on Bookmarkee Are Not Welcome

I have seen a lot of registrations recently that look spammy. These have names like genericpills01 or seomaster47 and once registered, they (are they human?) do not add any sites to their bookmarks page, ever.

1. In view of this, we will add some extra checking to the registration page which might be like jumping through an extra hoop for the genuine users. I sincerely apologize for this but it is needed to make sure that we can continue to offer the services to real people like you.

2. We are also going to make it compulsory for people to add at least one favorite site to their bookmarks page, within 2 days. Why else did you register my friend, if you do not want to add 1-click browsing to your arsenal? All accounts without a single bookmark for 2 days will be deleted.

Note: Your account is safe and free for life if you are using it regularly and have at least 1 bookmark added to your account.