Testimonial for Online Bookmarking Service

We are pleased to share with you, a testimonial we received recently:

Perfect! Just what I was looking for to replace Lynx (another online BM site that is now defunct). I embed my easyBM (Ed: Now Bookmarkee) page in a column in my iGoogle page and “Hoover!” I have all my links for work in no matter where I go. I’ve been looking for a couple of weeks for a simple bookmark manager and easyBM (Ed: Now Bookmarkee) is it!

Bill Bennett

As you can see, Bookmarkee is easy, fast and well organised. Now, you can even sort your bookmarks in ascending or descending order with 1-click. We recommend you to use www.bookmarkee.com/v/yournickname for several additional features over the regular version at www.bookmarkee.com/yournickname.