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Announcing New site at Bookmarkee

While getting ready to welcome 2014, we are pleased to announce our new site Bookmarkee.

While our users just love the simplicity of EasyBM bookmarking service, a lot of people complained about the user interface being archaic. We have listened and have started the journey towards offering a vastly improved new interface in keeping with the current trends.

The new address and the new home page are our first steps in the process. Soon we will update the bookmarks page and make it much more user friendly and flexible as well as powerful. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile please send your friends to and spread the love!

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Link Curation Success in 2013

The year 2013 is here and we have started treating the Mayan prediction as a fantasy. I am seeing a distinct trend of content taking the upper hand in marketing and SEO. While creating original content is possibly the best thing to do, content curation through focused links is a close 2nd in my opinion.

What is link curation?

Let us first understand what is link curation. When you are serving a specific market, you can compile links to useful resources that will be of interest to this market and present this as an article or better still, an EasyBM bookmarks page that will serve as a live resource. Your readers will be able to explore the various sites – be it the articles, videos or places to buy things from – from a single reference point.

You can even use your affiliate links to the sales resources because if they are needing the products, it does not matter to them whether they buy from your affiliate URL or a direct URL. Of course, you only recommend sellers whom you can trust and products that you believe in.

Later if you want to add more articles, videos or places to buy, you can easily update your links page. Similarly if you find some merchant giving poor service and do not wish to recommend him/her any more, you can remove this site from your links. Updating an article published on a site you do not own becomes a nightmare.

What do you need?

So, how to create a link curated resource? Sign up for EasyBM online bookmarking service, setup a public page and start adding groups and links within that page. In your settings page, set this page for public access and then you can pass around links like Post the page reference to your blog or on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. While only you can update the page, anyone can view the contents.

Please tell us about your link curated page and who knows, we may post about it on our blog too 🙂

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Password-less Login to Your Online Bookmarks Page

Today we have introduced a major change to the EasyBM login system. Now you can login without having to remember your password.

Now you can click on a link (see picture below) in the login form and switch to another screen where you just enter your nickname and get a link sent to your registered email address. Just click on this link and you get logged in. No need to remember your password or request another password when you forget it.

EasyBM login form

The password-less login system also saves a cookie on your computer so that you can directly access your bookmarks page next time without having to login again. However if you don’t want this facility, you should logout when you are done and not simply close your browser window. You might also like to use this facility only on your own computer or tablet or phone.

Please let us know about your experience through a comment below or through the deeback option on your bookmarks page.

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Firefox Upgrades Version – Once Again

Firefox has once again upgraded its version. To version 9 this time. And then released a minor version upgrade to 9.0.1 already. However you have nothing to worry about as an EasyBM user. Your Firefox add-on will continue to work without any problem.

Just in case, you have not started using the Firefox add-on for easyBM bookmarking service, please download the add-on now. This will help you save your favorite links in your bookmarks page much easier and will add to your convenience even more.

Your feedback, through comments below or the Feedback option on your bookmarks page, is welcome.

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Check out new look bookmarks page

Hello EasyBM user

If you have been using to access your bookmarks page, we invite you to check out the all new design at You can also click on the highlighted link at the top-right to straight away land there.

There is a very powerful search feature that can locate your desired bookmark if you have several in your page. You also get convenient sorting options to sort your bookmarks with groups in ascending or descending order. You can drag and drop individual bookmarks as well as entire groups much more easily.

All in all, we are confident you will not switch back once you have experienced this new interface. We look forward to receiving your feedback on the new interface.

And, if you have not joined almost 110,000 users (at the time of writing this post) to make your online journey much easier and are not 1-clicking to your favorite online destinations, you can register for your own bookmarks page here.


EasyBM Online Bookmarking Service Crosses 100,000 Users

We are very excited to share with you a milestone we recently reached. Your favorite online bookmarking service, easyBM now has more than 100,000 registered users who have bookmarked more than 1.7 million links. This speaks highly about the efforts you have put in spreading a word about this time-saver productivity tool and we are very thankful to you for this.

If you have not got a chance to recommend easyBM to your friends and subscribers recently, please do so now. They will be happy campers and thank you (as much as we do) for recommending a useful service.

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User Testimonial for Online Bookmarking Service

We are pleased to share with you, a testimonial we received recently:

Perfect! Just what I was looking for to replace Lynx (another online BM site that is now defunct). I embed my easyBM page in a column in my iGoogle page and “Hoover!” I have all my links for work in no matter where I go. I’ve been looking for a couple of weeks for a simple bookmark manager and easyBM is it!

Bill Bennett

As you can see, EasyBM is easy, fast and well organised. Now, you can even sort your bookmarks in ascending or descending order with 1-click. We recommend you to use for several additional features over the regular version at

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Change from Private to Public Yourself

We have now added a provision in the Settings page to make your private bookmarks page available to the public (anyone, accessed through a special URL). Please remember that is completely optional and all private pages remain private. In fact, you can also change your public visibility back to private if you want to change your decision.

Please refer to the following screenshot to understand how to change your settings.

 How to make private page public on EasyBM bookmarking site

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Firefox 5 add-on for EasyBM updated

Hi friends

I am sorry to be late in updating you about the updated easyBM add-on for Firefox. While I had updated the add-on on the same date FF was released, I failed to post it here. You can download the latest version of the plugin and install it to bookmark your favorite sites easily.

General Testimonials

Our Users Love EasyBM Online Bookmarking and We Love Our Users

Thanks Lynley for your testimonial and feedback:

This is just fabulous – just what I need. I use a different browser at work to that I use at home and my PDA does not transfer my bookmarks very well so now I can access everything by just having one favourite bookmark – Thanks guy’s – I am not interested in the likes of Delicious as I just want a practical solution to my problem not a place to advertise to the world. 🙂