Compliance Tracking – No More Late Fees

Compliance tracking software

Compliance tracking is a big pain for most small and medium businesses. The due dates for these are spread all over the month. What’s more, there are so many other deadlines other than statutory compliances. How do you keep a track of all these dates?

Do you feel the same challenge that I do? I was always worried that I will miss some deadline, may be a TDS payment or a credit card payment. All these can result in late fees, penalties and even a lowered credit rating. That’s when I decided to do something about it. Result: CTRACKER – the compliance tracking software for teams.

What does the software do?

This is a team-based software that is available for use over the Internet. Hence, it can be accessed from anywhere, 24×7. You can add all relevant executives as a user. Each of them can record the deadlines that one has to track.

The compliances can be one-time or recurring. You can specify the frequency it will be repeated. This makes the system – set it, forget it.

Special benefits

The thing that impressed me most is that we can get multiple reminders by email. For example, we can set to be reminded 1 day, 3 days and 5 days in advance. Of course, if the task becomes overdue, we get reminded every day till it gets resolved.

While you can set deadlines for your own compliances, you can even assign deadlines for others. Ex: You can set a task for your accountant or salesperson to submit a weekly report every Monday.

But there are so many compliance trackers in the market.

No doubt there are several compliance trackers available. However, CTRACKER can easily qualify to be the simplest of all of them. If you consider the super low investment (a small annual fee only), this is easily the best deal.

Is a FREE demo available?

You bet. Just hop over to the CTRACKER site and ask for a FREE demo. You can see for yourself, how convenient it is to set and track compliances. All the best!