Private Bookmarks for Mobile and PDA devices

The real strength of private bookmarks (Bookmarkee) is its multi-column, multi-row layout that puts the maximum number of bookmarks in front of you – above the fold – ready to be 1-clicked.

However, if you are using a PDA or mobile phone to browse the Internet, you cannot see multi-column data easily. So we have introduced a new way to see your favorite links and browse to your target sites on your handhelds. If you visit, you can see all your links in a single column. Just scroll down to your desired site link and tap the link.

For best results, keep the number of links in this account low and put only the links that you will like to browse with your handheld. Also, if you set the homepage of your mobile to this page, you will have all the links ready, right in front of you when you access the browser.