Website Maintenance by Ebizindia

Whether your site is built with Sitecore, WordPress, Magento content management systems or core PHP, the one-stop solution for all your website maintenance needs is eBizIndia.

Ebizindia - Web Maintenance company

The team at eBizIndia is highly experienced and efficient and can cater to all your website maintenance issues. They are well known for their quick turnaround time.

They are the pioneers in three core areas:

  1. Speed – For any online business, it is imperative that the website loads fast. Google recommends the ideal page load time to be under 3 seconds. Beyond that, the bounce rate tends to increase. The team increases the loading speed of your website by working on several aspects like images, loading order of assets, and integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  2. Security – No business would like to see their website getting hacked, their customer data being stolen, lost, or misused. Therefore, the team of professionals at eBizIndia reinforces and tightens website security, checks for software updates and plug-ins, and takes data back-ups regularly. Thus reducing the risk of hacking and ensures that your website stays safe.
  3. SEO – Along with speed and security, the other important factor in website functioning is SEO. Identifying the right keywords, optimising the website content, and resolving the technical issues improves the overall website performance on the search engines. You get better organic ranking. What’s more, even your paid marketing campaigns work better because if improved landing page quality.

    In addition to this, a retainer agreement with eBizIndia will take care of your content updates, whether text or graphics as per your instructions. This includes creation of new landing pages as well. Ebizindia is the company behind our Bookmarking service 🙂

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