Unsolicited User Comment

A few days ago, PHP version upgrade on the server made the Bookmarkee service go down for a few minutes. While I was grappling with the technical issues of getting the service back up, this unsolicited comment from Arie (a regular user) cheered me up and made my day:

My apologies for disturbing you with this request, but it seems that the Bookmarkee.com service has become inoperable today. When I log in to the site – as I do every day because as you may remember from our previous correspondence I am a very satisfied user of this fine service! – I get the following error message:
<technical mumbo jumbo…>

I hope there will be an easy solution for this problem because living without Bookmarkee would be a great loss of productivity!

And Arie sent me this note a few days after the service was restored:

Just a quick note to thank you for bringing the Bookmarkee service back into full operation. This really is a fine product, and I felt thoroughly handicapped when we had the short service interruption earlier this week – which really shows to what extent I have integrated it into my daily activities…..

Thanks for the notes Arie and I will do my best to keep this service in full operation always 🙂