Link Curation Success

I am seeing a distinct trend of content taking the upper hand in marketing and SEO. While creating original content is possibly the best thing to do, content curation through focused links is a close 2nd in my opinion.

What is link curation?

Let us first understand what is link curation. When you are serving a specific market, you can compile links to useful resources that will be of interest to this market and present this as an article or better still, a Bookmarkee bookmarks page that will serve as a live resource. Your readers will be able to explore the various sites – be it the articles, videos, or places to buy things from – from a single reference point.

You can even use your affiliate links to the sales resources because if they are needing the products, it does not matter to them whether they buy from your affiliate URL or a direct URL. Of course, you only recommend sellers whom you can trust and products that you believe in.

Later if you want to add more articles, videos or places to buy, you can easily update your links page. Similarly, if you find some merchant giving poor service and do not wish to recommend him/her anymore, you can remove this site from your links. Updating an article published on a site you do not own becomes a nightmare.

What do you need?

So, how to create a link curated resource? Sign up for Bookmarkee online bookmarking service, set up a public page and start adding groups and links within that page. In your settings page, set this page for public access, and then you can pass around links like Post the page reference to your blog or on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. While only you can update the page, anyone can view the contents.

Please tell us about your link curated page and who knows, we may post about it on our blog too 🙂