Why Do Exporters Need A Great Product Catalogue?

Covid-19 has made the world adapt to social distancing and working from home. International travel and exhibitions are a big no-no for quite some time. If you are exporting creative design products like designer fabrics, jute or cotton bags, apparels, leather goods etc, your online product catalogue becomes the most powerful tool that connects you with the customers.

The major advantages of having an online catalogue are:

  1. Increase the customer reach: With a digital catalogue, you are able to reach customers beyond boundaries and give them a rich user experience with beautiful pictures.
  2. Centralise all your business functions to one platform: The online catalogue management system helps you showcase your designs as well as receive inquiries and orders.
  3. Organise the designs : The online catalogue helps you organise the products into relevant categories for easy access. You can also highlight the latest designs by putting them under a New launches category.
  4. Hold virtual exhibitions: You can organise a specially curated collection and hold a virtual exhibition inviting your customers and prospects to check out the designs online.
  5. Save big bucks on printing: With your catalogue going digital, you save a lot on the printing costs and time. It helps the environment also.
  6. Release offers and discounts: With a digital catalogue, you can release different offers and discounts for the customers hassle-free. Compare this with the cost of releasing new printed catalogues every time.
  7. Cost-effective solution: The cost of creating digital brochures is vastly below that of printed ones. There are no quantity limitations. Once you have a digital one designed, you can send to as many people you want as the cost of reproduction is nil.

How can you start with a digital catalogue?

If you are an exporter looking for a robust catalogue management software, the Catalog24x7 by EbizIndia is your go-to resource. We empower exporters to manage all their designs in one place and get more inquiries from overseas customers without having the leave the office once.

What more does Catalog24x7 do?

  1. The web-based software gives you the freedom of accessing it from any device wherever you go. Just log-in and get started!
  2. The platform has a private sharing feature which saves your premium designs from being copied by competitors.
  3. You can provide a more personalised view to your key customers by highlighting only what matters to them.

The Catalog24x7 is a great fit to your overall business strategy helping you showcase all your designs using one secure software, cost-effectively.

To learn more or request a free demo, visit www.catalog24x7.com