Multi-column, Multi-row Stacked Layout


I want to announce our most important update in recent times. We have implemented the multi-column, multi-row stacked layout that will make this bookmarking tool extremely useful for the most demanding user.

For quite some time, I have been worrying about the wastage of space in the lower half of the screen when your groups have few sites each.

I have been silently testing a layout that will help reduce this space wastage. This multi-column, multi-row layout helps you to squeeze many more links above the fold, thereby making it easy for you to 1-click even more sites.

How to get your groups stacked for better organization

You have to be a little adventurous. While we are working on an easy interface for this, you will have to play a little with numbers for now.

– First you must login to your Bookmarkee page with ‘Remember me’ ticked.

– Now enter this in the location bar (or address bar) ->

We want to have Forums group in the 2nd column at the top, so I put 2 in column and in row fields. Now I want Blogs group in the same column but after Forums. So I put 2 in column and 2 in row fields.

Similarly, you can see how we implement stacking in the 4th column. You may have noted that column 3 is missing. Actually the numbers have to be in ascending order but all numbers do not need to be present.

There you are. If you are feeling adventurous and want to make the best use of the screen space, you can implement stacked groups and 1-click to many more sites.