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Online Bookmarks site is now much faster

We keep trying various ways to improve your experience in using our online bookmarks site. We recently ran a series of optimizations on the rendering engine that displays your bookmarks page and managed to cut down the loading time by a nice chunk. Hope you have already noticed the improved speed. You can also use this site optimization service for your own website – visit their site and contact them for a quote.

Rest assured that we are constantly on work to improve the features and speed to make this site as easy and fast to use as we can. Your support and feedback keeps us going.

Please do visit our Facebook page and click on ‘Like’ to tell your friends about your favorite bookmarking service so that they start enjoying the same flexibility and portability that you do. Thanks!

Features General

Want Your Bookmarks Page to be Public?

Clarification: A few users have sent us feedback wondering how could we make their bookmarks page public without their consent. Please note that we are not making all the bookmarks pages public. This public view facility is only available to those who explicitly request for this through the feedback option on their personal page.

On with the original announcement now: We have launched a limited beta test of the public view of your online bookmarks at EasyBM. While EasyBM offers you a place to store all your private bookmarks online so that you can refer to them from a password-protected page, there is a strong demand for creating resource pages where one can record links for a particular type of resource and make these available to everyone. We have complied…

Of course, we are expecting you to create a new bookmarks page and not make your private bookmarks public. So if you want to create a page listing all universities in USA, you can register a new bookmarks account and add categorized list of all the universities there. Now this page will be available at (p=public here) for anyone to view and use without requiring a password or any other validation. Feel free to share your link on Facebook, Twitter or emails.

You can manage your links – add, edit or remove – from your usual page at Right now, you have to request for changing the status of your page to public through Feedback option – soon you can do this yourself.

Please share your thoughts on this new development through the Feedback option or by commenting here. We will be adding several features to the public view page soon – so keep watching.

Thanks for your support – we have now crossed 75,000 registrations and more and more people are joining and benefiting by storing their bookmarks online and accessing them from anywhere.

Features General

Firefox Add-on Updated for Version 4 – Enjoy Online Bookmarking Uninterrupted

Firefox has released the version 4 with several new features and the EasyBM plugin (add-on) has been updated too. You can download the latest EasyBM plugin for Firefox here.

Clicking on the link will let you download and install the add-on. In case, Firefox wants to save the file, let it save and then execute the file through Firefox. It will install the add-on and prompt you to restart Firefox. This plugin is very easy to install and lets you bookmark the page you are currently browsing. Just click on the bookmark icon in the right side of the status bar and a pop-up window will open up. Choose the group where you want to add this site and edit the title and description. A simple click on “Save Bookmark” will save it for you.


Migrating From Delicious to easyBM Bookmarking Tool

I am sorry to note that Yahoo is going to shut down Delicious. It was a path-breaking site and while I am not a regular user of their ‘recommend to others’ approach, I did have some bookmarks there. There cannot be a doubt about Delicious’s popularity.

If you have an account there and do not know where to go, you are welcome to try out EasyBM. We are pretty certain you will find it very useful and will stick to using this for the extremely easy to use interface, more than anything else.

All your bookmarks will be available to you in a single, easy to manage page from where you can 1-click to your favorite destination. You can also store your server login pages, research sources and other such private links because the easyBM bookmarks are, well, private to you only.

It is easy to migrate to easyBM. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Login to your delicious account.
2. Click on Settings in the top right corner.
3. Choose Export / Backup Bookmarks in the settings page.
4. Click on Export in the next screen. Your bookmarks will be saved in a HTML file (named delicious-date.htm) on your computer. Note the location.
5. Register a new account at if you do not already have an account. Confirm your email address by clicking on the verification link in the email sent to you.
6. Login to your easyBM account.
7. Click on Import option.
8. Select the bookmarks file you just downloaded from delicious.
9. Click on Import button and you are done.

Your bookmarks will be put under a folder called Favorites. Now you can create more groups and move the bookmarks to those.

Happy bookmarking!


Like EasyBM? Please tell others

Do you like the easyBM online bookmarking service? Do you feel like telling others how much you love it and invite them to test it for themselves? We have made it easier to do so.

On your easyBM page, you will see a link called Tweet (highlighted in Red). If you click on this, Twitter will load with a draft tweet saying “I love this online bookmarking tool”. You can either post this same message or edit it before posting the message to your Twitter followers. If you do so, you will join me and other easyBM users in telling your friends about this simple but powerful service. You will love to spread the word about it, no?


Online Bookmarking Service Crosses 50,000 Registered Users

Your favorite online bookmarking service has crossed 50,000 registered users mark and I am very happy to share this news with you. As the regular users must have noticed, we are slowly rolling out new features and visual improvements and will be doing so in the coming days also. If you have not logged in recently, please do come back and check these out. You will be pleased.

We plan to keep this as the best place for storing your bookmarked and favorite sites with a very simple 1-click access. People love the 1-page organized layout and I hope, so do you.

Thanks for your support and for spreading the word about easyBM. We could not have reached this milestone without your active help. Please do let more friends know through Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites where you are active.

General Testimonials

Unsolicited testimonial for bookmarking service

I got up today and got this unsolicited testimonial that made my day. Thanks Mahdi.

I appreciate your project and the outcome, I am so damn addicted to I keep recommending to almost everyone I come across.!!! Best regards, Mahdi Ali

Features General

How to Open Bookmarked Sites in a New Window

Are you wondering how to open your favorite sites in a new window (or tab)? We have extensive facilities for this feature in the easyBM page. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

1. You can right-click on any link on your bookmarks page and choose “Open in a new window” or “Open in a new tab”.

2. While adding the bookmark (or while editing the bookmark), you can specify that the bookmarked site has to be opened in a new window. Now a simple click on the bookmark will open it in a new window.

3. On your Profile page, you can select one the 3 options – a. open all sites in same window, b. open all the sites in a new window, c. use the saved setting. If you set the 2nd option here, all your sites will open in a new window always.

As you can see, you enjoy a vast variety of ways in which you can access your bookmarked sites with easyBM, your favorite online bookmarking manager.

Features General

New features added for easier bookmarks management

We have some new feature enhancements in your favorite online bookmarking tool. These are:

  • The first one has been requested so often. While we do have a provision to open any bookmark in the same window or a new window, users wanted to have a simplified way to set all of them to open in the same or new windows, specially when they had imported these. Now you can just head over to the profile section and specify your preference.
  • You can now collapse all groups in 1-click. If you think you have several groups open and are wanting to simplify the view, just collapse all groups and then open selectively.
  • You can also expand all the groups with 1-click. This is very useful when you are trying to locate a particular bookmark. Expand all the groups and press ctrl-F to search for your required bookmark.

I really hope you are enjoying the easyBM online bookmarking system and telling your friends and colleagues about it too. If you wish a certain feature were there, feel free to let me know by posting a comment here.

Features General

EasyBM Plugin For Firefox Updated for Version 3.6

Firefox has released a new version, 3.6 and EasyBM plugin has been updated too. You can download the latest EasyBM plugin for Firefox here.

This plugin is very easy to install and lets you bookmark the page you are currently browsing very easily go on. Just click on the bookmark icon in the right side of the status bar and a pop-up window will open up. Choose the group where you want to add this site and edit the title and description. A simple click on “Save Bookmark” will save it for you.