New features added for easier bookmarks management

We have some new feature enhancements in your favorite online bookmarking tool. These are:

  • The first one has been requested so often. While we do have a provision to open any bookmark in the same window or a new window, users wanted to have a simplified way to set all bookmarks to open in the same or new windows, specially when they had imported these. Now you can just head over to the profile section and specify your preference.
  • You can now collapse all groups in 1-click. If you think you have several groups open and are wanting to simplify the view, just collapse all groups and then open selectively.
  • You can also expand all the groups with 1-click. This is very useful when you are trying to locate a particular bookmark. Expand all the groups and press ctrl-F to search for your required bookmark.

I really hope you are enjoying the Bookmarkee online bookmarking system and telling your friends and colleagues about it too. If you wish a certain feature was there, feel free to let me know by posting a comment here.