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EasyBM Plugin For Firefox Updated for Version 3.6

Firefox has released a new version, 3.6 and EasyBM plugin has been updated too. You can download the latest EasyBM plugin for Firefox here.

This plugin is very easy to install and lets you bookmark the page you are currently browsing very easily go on. Just click on the bookmark icon in the right side of the status bar and a pop-up window will open up. Choose the group where you want to add this site and edit the title and description. A simple click on “Save Bookmark” will save it for you.

Features General

Online Bookmarks on Your Iphone and Smartphone

Online bookmarks - mobile viewToday I am very excited to share with you, a new development in easyBM online bookmarking service. Now you can access your favorite links from your iPhone or any other Smartphone with GPRS, Edge or 3G. You will get all your groups and be able to see the individual links therein for the good old 1-click access to the sites.

Have you ever wanted to visit some of your favorite sites with a mobile phone because you needed to check that important thing? Or as it happened to me recently, access your server control panel while in a meeting? I am sure you have felt the pain of having to remember that cryptic URL and type it on that cramped keyboard. Missed your desktop because you could just open your easyBM bookmarks page and clicked once to open the site? Now you can relax.

What’s more – you don’t have to remember a new URL for mobile access. Just visit your regular URL like and the system auto-detects that you are visiting the site from a mobile and redirects you to the special mobile version of the site.

I am sincerely hoping this will make your life a little simpler. If you enjoy the new feature or encounter a bug, please do write to us from the feedback section (only available in the desktop version – you don’t want to type all that in your mobile).

Features General

Firefox 3.5 support added

You might be using the Firefox plugin to add online bookmarks to your easyBM account much more easily. If you have already upgraded or are planning to upgrade your Firefox to the latest 3.5 version, you should download the latest version of the plugin here. If you download the plugin through Firefox, it will automatically prompt you to install the same.

Features General

Firefox Plugin Updated for Firefox 3

The Firefox bookmarking plugin to bookmark your site easily has been updated for compatibility with the version 3 of Firefox. You may uninstall the current plugin and download a fresh copy here. Just install it and use it. Have fun!



Is Gmail the most popular email service?

I was recently going through the new sign-ups for this online bookmarking service and was amazed to see more than 95% sign-ups are with a Gmail account. Has Gmail surpassed all other email providers by such a huge margin?

While I can understand that most of the people sign-up with a free email account fearing that we may spam them (which we don’t as the existing users can tell you), this statistic did come to me a big surprise. Do you agree that Gmail is now the most popular email service or you or you can think of some other reason why I am seeing so many sign-ups with addresses?



RSS Feed of your bookmarks – do you need one?

Recently I was approached by an EasyBM user who wanted his bookmarks in a RSS feed form. I was surprised at this request because easyBM bookmarks are private bookmarks and I was not clear as to why should he need them in the form of a RSS feed.  Of course, I have some ideas for using these feeds but are these the same that you have in mind?

Do you need this RSS feed too? Can you think of a way to use this feed? Do remember that the feed will be password protected (accessed by providing the username and password as part of the feed URL). You can either give your request through the feedback option or by putting a comment on this post.



Firefox Plugin for Bookmarking Your Favorite Links Easily

On popular demand, we have now released a Firefox plugin (xpi file, download here, 12 KB) that helps you add bookmarks to your favorite sites very easily. If you are browsng with Firefox, you can just download this file and then drag and drop over Firefox to start the install process. You can also right click on the saved file and open with Firefox. Please save your work in the other windows before doing so, because it requires a restart of the browser.

Once the easyBM extension is installed, you can add the page you are presently viewing to your easyBM bookmarks by simply right-clicking anywhere on the page and selecting Add link to EasyBM. You can provide a title and description, and indicate the group to which you want to add this link. You can also click on the small graphic in the right side of your status bar (the graphic looks like the easyBM icon) to directly bring up the Add to bookmarks dialog box.

I sincerely hope this will help you use the easyBM system much more easily and make it as quick to add the favorite links as it is to visit them.

Please feel free to leave your comments, feedback and bug report by adding a comment below or use the Feedback option in your EasyBM menu.


Unsolicited User Comment

A few days ago, PHP version upgrade on the server made the EASYBM service go down for a few minutes. While I was grappling with the technical issues of getting the service back up, this unsolicited comment from Arie (an easyBM user) cheered me up and made my day:

My apologies for disturbing you with this request, but it seems that the service has become inoperable today. When I log in to the site – as I do every day, because as you may remember from our previous correspondence I am a very satisfied user of this fine service! – I get the following error message:
<technical mumbo jumbo…>

I hope there will be an easy solution for this problem, because living without EasyBM would be a great loss of productivity!

And Arie sent me this note a few days after the service was restored:

Just a quick note to thank you for bringing the EasyBM service back into full operation. This really is a fine product, and I felt thoroughly handicapped when we had the short service interruption earlier this week – which really shows to what extent I have integrated it into my daily activities…..

Thanks for the notes Arie and I will do my best to keep this service in full operation always 🙂


Spammy User Registrations on EasyBM Are Not Welcome

I have seen a lot of registrations recently that look spammy. These have names like genericpills01 or seomaster47 and once registered, they (are they human?) do not add any sites to their bookmarks page, ever.

1. In view of this, we will add some extra checking to the registration page which might be like jumping through an extra hoop for the genuine users. I sincerely apologize for this but it is needed to make sure that we can continue to offer the services to real people like you.

2. We are also going to make it compulsory for people to add at least one favorite site to their bookmarks page, within 2 days. Why else did you register my friend, if you do not want to add 1-click browsing to your arsenal? All accounts without a single bookmark for 2 days will be deleted.

Note: Your account is safe and free for life if you are using it regularly and have at least 1 bookmark added to your account.




Inviting feedback for the online bookmarking service

If you have been using our free online bookmarking service, you might have noticed the new option Feedback in the top menu. This is where you can let us know what features of our service you like and/or dislike.

If you want us to include a new feature, you can tell us through this option only. Feel free to be frank, I get to see all responses directly and we will be happy to include any popular ideas.

I want to take this opportunity to request you to invite your friends to use EasyBM to bookmark their favorite sites. This way they can also 1-click for quicker Internet travel.